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Preserve Center Rates Effective 2017

The Preserve Center is open to members of The Preserve Association for private events. A private event constitutes any event held in the Preserve Center where invitation is not made to all members of The Preserve Association.

Reservations are made by calling the Preserve office at 952-941-8400 to check on availability. Reservation is secured by filling out an application and making a $50 deposit which is applied toward final payment. (Deposit is Non refundable within 30 days of event). All events must be booked a minimum of two weeks prior to rental.

Only Preserve property owners may sponsor non-members. The sponsor is responsible for booking and being at the event. A $50 fee will apply to non-member rental in addition to fees below.

UPPER LEVEL PARTY ROOM   (NO ELEVATOR)   Maximum Room Capacity: 80 people
Date           Day/Eve          Time                        Package A (Up to 50 Guests)                             Package B (Up to 80)
Mon-Fri          Day          7:00 A – 3:30 P          $30/hr (3 hr min.) maximum: $125              $40/hr (3 hr min.) max: $150
Sat/Sun          Day          7:00 A – 4:30 P          $30/hr (3 hr min.) maximum: $150              $40/hr (3 hr min.) max: $175
Mon/Thu    Evening      4:30 P – 1:00 A         $30/hr (3 hr min.) maximum $125               $40/hr (3 hr min.) max: $150
Friday         Evening      4:30 P – 1:00 A          $150                                                                           $175
Saturday    Evening      5:30 P – 1:00 A          $175                                                                            $200
Sunday       Evening     5:30 P – 1:00 A          $30/hr (3 hr min.) max $150                         $40/hr (3 hr min.) max: $175
Christmas Day or Eve, New Years Eve        $175.00 for day or evening                          $200.00 for day or evening


* Rental time needs to include setup and clean up by the person renting the facility
** Rental includes tables, chairs, and cleaning supplies
*** If early set-up is requested: additional fee of $15.00 per hour based on availability

DOWNSTAIRS MEETING ROOM: (1st floor): Maximum Capacity: 30 people (No kitchen facilities)
Meetings and Small Events- $30.00/hour (2 Hour min.)
Not available Friday/Saturday/Sunday

If attendance exceeds maximum capacity of building penalties will apply.

Application: Preserve member must fill out the application for rental and sign both the application and rules sheet. If it is a sponsored party we need the name and contact information of the person being sponsored and their signatures on both forms.

Cleaning/Damage deposit: $400.00
Deposit is due 30 days prior to event and is fully refundable if the event is cleaned to the satisfaction of the Preserve staff and nothing is damaged. Any cleaning issues or damage will be assessed against the deposit amount.
*In Addition: The person renting the facility agrees to take responsibility for any guest in and around the Preserve Center and WILL PAY FOR ANY DAMAGE done to the Center or its equipment.

Access Code and Final Payment: You must come to the office during business hours within 3 days of the event to settle up on payments, receive the front door access code, and do a walk-thru to review the facility features and cleaning check list. Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.(Our office is NOT open Saturday/Sunday/Monday)

Clean-Up: The person renting the facility agrees to clean up immediately after the party in a manner that would allow another party to begin following your rental. A check list is provided when you pick up the door code. If clean up is not done to the satisfaction of the Preserve Management, there will be a minimum charge of $30 per hour for cleaning.

Closing the facility: The person renting the facility is responsible for securing the building by locking the front door (if second floor use-all deck doors as well.) Make sure that all exit doors are secure. ($100 fine for any door left unlocked). Thermostats must be set in the off position.. An additional $25 fee will be charged for each of the air conditioner or heating units that are not turned off. All lights must be turned off with the exception of the entryway light.

Property Owner-Center Application 2017

Center Rules Effective 2017

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