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The Preserve Association

Welcome to The Preserve Association, which oversees the management and maintenance of Preserve amenities. Established in 1971, the Preserve Association is a homeowner association representing owners of single-family homes, town homes, condominiums, twin homes and apartments. There are 1693 units represented.

The mission of the Preserve Association is to create and maintain a desirable place to live with a strong sense of community. The Preserve provides guidelines, facilities and services to its residents to achieve this end.

The Association is supported by member dues that are assessed on an annual basis. Voting members of The Preserve Association include property owners of single-family homes, twin-homes, town houses, condominiums, and apartments complexes. Renters of property within The Preserve are invited to use the amenities under the guidelines that have been established by voting members.


Did you know that homes in The Preserve come with:
+ A natural sand bottom pool with ¾ acre water surface, a 42’ x50’ dive pool, showers, and dressing facilities.
+ 187 acres of common properties, including 5 miles of walking paths and trails that wind through lovely neighborhoods and natural settings.
+ Three lighted tennis courts exclusive to members only. Two are also lined for pickleball play.
+ An architectural award winning community center available for members to rent.
+ Five neighborhood play areas, a sand volleyball court, and outside picnic areas.
+ Design guidelines and covenants to protect your property value.



We’re located just minutes from highways 169, 212, 494, and the Eden Prairie Retail District.

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Preserve History

How is it that a planned community, later known as The Preserve, came to be in this part of Eden Prairie? Click here to find out!


General Manager: Scott Anderson, Scott@preserveassociation.com
Administrative Assistant: Cindy Fuchs, Cindy@preserveassociation.com
Grounds Manager: Open Position 
Pool Manager: Kelly Lindquist

Board of Directors:

President- Paul Musegades musegades@mac.com

Vice President- Bruce Hellier

Secretary-Tim Rush

Treasurer-Chris Domnisoru

Directors:  Traci Bartz, Shon Clark, Tom Heller, Kent Wood

Board Picture