Design Review Information

The Design Review Process

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Protects Home Investment

To maintain the very special natural ambiance of The Preserve, the association and developer established design covenants known as Design Review Guidelines. The Guidelines support:

    • the maintenance of a natural setting with little disturbance to the environment and to maintain open, natural areas for the enjoyment of all residents.
    • and the preservation and enhancement of property value.

How Design Review Works…

A committee of volunteer residents oversees the Design Review process. It is important that home owners and potential buyers of property in The Preserve are aware of the following areas covered by Design Review Guidelines. Plans for any changes must be submitted for approval prior to work commencing on the property.

What Type of Things Does Design Review cover?

    • Any exterior changes to a home including alterations, paint colors, construction, decorative elements, landscaping, or hardscapes
    • Fences and dog runs, outdoor play gyms and swing sets, basketball hoops and athletic structures, location of T.V. antennas, satellite dishes and outdoor signs have certain restrictions
    • Storage of infrequently used vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, trailers, campers, excess material or equipment is prohibited by the covenants.
    • Housing for vehicles, recreation and other equipment should be inside the garage. Storage facilities that are an integral part of the site design using compatible architectural and color treatment will be considered by the Design Review Committee.
    • Waste or trash containers must be stored inside the building proper or screened from public view.
    • Signs are not permitted without the Design Review Committee approval. Exception “Garage Sale” signs. Home sale signs have restrictions.

Only one “For Sale” sign is allowed per property. Check to see that the homeowners association does not have further restrictions. The sign must adhere to size guidelines. “Open House” signs are permitted only on the day of the event.

“For Sale” signs are allowed on Preserve streets only on the day of an open house and must be removed immediately after the event.

    • Property owners and potential buyers see these covenants as a major asset in protecting and enhancing property value and neighborhood appeal.

If you are selling a home in The Preserve you should obtain the Design Review Elements, as well as have a copy of the By-Laws, Construction Guidelines, Restrictive Covenants and Articles of Incorporation available for potential buyers to review. You may obtain these documents in the Useful Information page of the website or by contacting the Preserve Center at 952-941-8400.

Please click to download the Design Review Request Form.