Neill Lake Berm Repairs

As part of the City of Eden Prairie’s restoration work, the berm along the south side of Neill Lake was raised, strengthened, and revegetated last fall. We want to thank all our association members for their cooperation while the trail and west bridge were closed. The trail along the top of the berm is very popular for walkers and there are many who use it on a daily basis, especially during the summer. Most of the seed along the berm is still establishing, but the seed that was placed along the berm top has not had a chance to take hold due to the heavy use. If the top of the berm is not well vegetated, the berm will experience erosion and will begin to lose strength again. Since it is important that the entire berm have well established vegetation, beginning in September, 2012, the trail along the top of the berm between the two bridges will be closed for reseeding. If all goes as planned and the new seed establishes well, the trail will reopen in late spring, 2013. Your cooperation is appreciated by not walking around the signs and using the trail along the top of the berm while the City completes this essential work.